Lot 47A: A Fine 18th Century Avadana Thangka (Thanka), Tibet.

A Fine 18th Century Avadana Thangka (Thanka), Tibet. The Avadana literature of Buddhism tells stories of righteous deeds and their just rewards and is included in early sources including the Pali Canon and subsequent texts relating to Ashoka. By the 11th Century, Kshemendra composed 'Leaves of the Heaven tree' which would become a definitive work on the subject and primary source of inspiration of Avadana iconography in Tibetan art. The Thankgas depicting Avadana stories were often created in large sets, depicting either a single tale or several tales in one paining.
This Thankga dates to the 18th Century and is of superb craftsmanship and created with what appear to be Mineral pigments. The central image of the Buddha Guatama wears sumptuous robes with fine golden patterning, accurately recreating textiles of the period. He is flanked all around by prosaic smaller images, each painstakingly rendered with fine detail and depicting particular Avadana tales; people, animals and period architecture are carefully and delicately illustrated. The simplicity of the composition is in stark contrast to the more rococo treatment of many other types of contemporaneous Thangkas.
The overall condition is fair with scuffing and a few very small holes in areas where the painting was creased, as well as what appear to be repaired tears along old crease lines. Also areas of pigment wear. Typical textile 'frame' about the main image.

Price Realized: $2,000

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