Lot 44: A feathered false head for a mummy bundle

People: Huari culture; 700-1000AD
H: 13 �½'
Consisting of plain weave white cotton, cloth backing fully sewn with rows of multi-colored feathers and stuffed to depict a human face, on an orange ground with concentric circular white eyes and mouth with teeth and large blue nose protruding down center. The top of the head with several layers of dyed red cloth wrapped with a cotton band also fully covered with feathers in geometric patterns. A small avian bone attached to the reverse. On a custom base in lucite vitrine.
Exhibited: The Indianapolis Museum of Art, 1988

Publication History: Parsons, Carlson, and Joralemon, �The Face of Ancient America�; The Indianapolis Museum of Art/Indiana University Press; pg. 214, Ill.152

Ex. Collection Wally Zollman, IN

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