Lot 144A: Two Chinese Shuila Hua Paintings.

Two Chinese Shuila Hua Paintings, they appear to be from a series being numbered 56 and 32 in different handwriting. After death the Afterworld officials review/research the cases, investigate the deceased crimes and give judgments, deciding who is to be punished or sent to prison in the Afterworld. A - This one depicts numerous magistrates who are in charge of case paper work, research, investigation and making the final judgment along with prison officials. B - The first column of larger characters is a general description; the four columns of smaller characters describe the 4 categories of magistrates, who are in charge of the paper work, research etc. B - This is a depiction of Nine gods of Dong Ming Tai Ji Jiu Gong and three gods of San Zai, 12 gods in the heavenly palace. Size 38 1/2" x 20" sight, edge trimmed, framed under glass.

Price Realized: $2,000

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