Lot 4: A very Fine and rare silver Jewish Passover bowl

A very Fine and rare silver Jewish Passover bowl, Probably Persian, 20th Century or earlier. The bowl, likely used for ritual hand-washing during the Passover Seder, in the form of a large goblet with wide bowl and raised floral rim, the surface with extensive floral chasing and six large circles engraved with biblical imagery; the engraving deep and beautifully incised with exceptional detail. The first an image of Moses holding the Tablets of the testimony and inscribed in Hebrew 'Moses faithful prophet' and around the image the text, in Hebrew: 'When Moses came down from the mountain and the tablets of the testimony in his hand' from Ex. 34:29. Next and image of the Ark of the covenant engraved in Hebrew with the text: 'Holy of Holies' around it and beneath it; Next an image of a crown with the star of David above it and inscribed in Hebrew 'Crown of the Torah' the star with the word 'Zion' within it, and the six points with the letters forming the words 'Magen David'. The next an image of the daughter of Pharaoh and the infant Moses in a basket among the Bullrushes and the text in Hebrew: 'She saw the basket among the reeds and sent her maid to get it' from Ex. 2:5; Next an image of the Seven branched Menorah and the Hebrew text 'The Pure candlestick and the lamps thereof, the lamps...' from Ex. 39: 37. Finally and image of Aaron the Cohen Gadol, surrounded by the the famous text 'Moses commanded us the law, an inheritance of the congregation of Jacob' in Hebrew from Duet. 33:4. The stem also chased and with raised central boss with Stars of David with the word 'Zion' within them and Menorahs, the base incised with twelve small cartouches with the emblems of the twelve tribes, based on the images on their standards. Overall excellent condition, some areas of high polishing but basically all clearly legible and still useable. Stamped in numerous places '84', indicating .875% silver - a designation usually associated with Russian silver but also widely used in Persian silver as well.

Estimate: $2,500 - $3,500

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