Lot 77: A Superb Middle Sepik River Houseboard--Ex. Brignoni; Christies

A Superb Middle Sepik River Houseboard, Blackwater area; Sangriman village; Papua New Guinea

The monumental board carved from a single long plank, possibly from the bottom of an old war canoe; The design composed of four stacked heads elaborately carved with deep incising and remains of pigment, the center with a raised medial ridge bisecting each face, some wear and depredation due to age and traditional use. H. 96 1/2"

This board is virtually identical though superior and apparently older than two examples in MFV Frankfurt (Sepik 4751 & Sepik 4752) which are identified as Blackwater, from Sangriman village; see Tribus #14, Haberland, 'Schilde aus der Sepik-Region' , p. 179. Like those examples, this board has no handle at the back, which is appropriate given its immense size.

Property of a New England Private collector

Ex. Serge Brignoni, Berne
Christie's, Amsterdam; December 2001, Lot 193.
Private Dutch collection

Estimate: $9,000 - $12,000

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