Lot 89: A fine and old Washkuk war shield

A fine and old Washkuk war shield, Kwoma-Washkuk; Papua New Guinea

The shield of classical form, and carved in near-hemispherical shape, the surface with typical clan designs of the Washkuk region possibly representing stylized faces. The surface mostly black but with loses to the pigments and a native repair running up the length where the shield has been tied back together and sealed with pitch. A fine old example that was used. H. 57 1/4"

This shield was field collected by an Australian patrol officer who later sold it to John C. Edler prior to 1980. It was one of two shields that were used in a murder trial in Ambunti, the seat of the regional government for witnesses to identify the shield designs in a revenge killing.

Property of a New York Private Collector

Ex. Collection John C. Edler, IN

Price Realized: $200

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