Lot 90: A superb and massive Washkuk Yena figure

A superb and massive Washkuk Yena figure, Kwoma-Washkuk; Papua New Guinea

Of powerful form carved in classical Kwoma-Washkuk style, with long phallic nose, jutting eyes and upturned mouth with tounge protruding and carved in openwork; remains of pigment and encrustation with insect damage from being stored when not in use.The reverse with a short 'hangar-like' peg rather than the more common long poles that are found on many. A much finer and earlier example than most. H. 47"

Property of a New York Private Collector

Field collected by John C. Edler in Meno Village, Kwoma- Washkuk, over 20 years ago

Estimate: $1,200 - $1,800

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